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Little Dinosaurs

Last year, I took a trip to the Franklin Park Zoo here in Boston to check out their fascinating condor enclosure (which you can read more about here). While there, I became fascinated by the birds, and started snapping photos. There’s something alien in the eyes of a bird––the smartest parrots are easily as intelligent as a human child, yet they can be utterly unpredictable.

I’ve titled this photo essay Little Dinosaurs: The Birds of Franklin Park. I tried to choose images that offer a snapshot of our modern relationship with exotic birds––the modern, feathered cousins of the dinosaurs––as we seek to simultaneously enter their worlds and separate ourselves from them.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

A similar photo gallery was previously published on a prior iteration of my Elizabeth Explains blog. Three of the condor images were recently published to accompany my article “Condor Couples” for the Boston University News Service.

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